Menteri Suharso: LPSK Strategic Issues

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“Strengthening the fulfillment of rights to the community, is providing medical and psychological assistance to victims”

Jakarta ( – The Minister for National Development Planning received an audience from the Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) which was held on Wednesday, March 10, 2021. The Minister was seen accompanied by the Deputy for Political, Legal and Security Affairs. One of the discussions at the hearing was regarding the strategic issue of the LPSK.

“LPSK already has an independent Budget Agency (BA 123) in accordance with the Ministry of Finance letter Number: S-1056 / AG / 2020 dated 29 June 2020 and has become a Partner in the Deputy for Politics, Law, Defense and Security, especially the Directorate of Law and Regulation at the end of 2020,” said the Minister.

Furthermore, the Minister mentioned 3 strategic issues of LPSK which include strengthening access to justice services to the community, strengthening the fulfillment of rights to the community, and developing protection, restoration and training facilities for LPSK.

1). Strengthening access to justice services to the public for the protection of witnesses, victims, reporters, perpetrator witnesses and experts in cases of corruption, terrorism, money laundering, narcotics and psychotropic drugs, sexual violence against women and children, serious torture, torture, and gross human rights violations. TIP and other criminal acts that threaten the safety of the lives of witnesses and / or victims.

2). Strengthening the fulfillment of rights to the community, is providing medical and psychological assistance to victims, implementing psychosocial rehabilitation for witnesses and victims, and providing compensation facilities in the form of restitution for victims of crime and implementation of compensation rights for victims of criminal acts of terrorism or serious human rights violations in the framework of restorative justice.

3). Development of protection, recovery and training center for LPSK by providing protection and recovery facilities for witnesses and victims, construction of education and training buildings to improve the quality of human resources not only for LPSK employees but also as educational facilities for witnesses and victims who are protected in these facilities. (GI)

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